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Air Hoist Balancers

Air Hoist Balancers

The Strength Behind Material Handling Technology

Meeting the needs of today’s material handling applications requires an ergonomic lift assist that interacts with the operator. The Balancer offers lifting solutions to meet these needs through float and built in safety features.

Balancer Advantage

Precise, strain-free positioning – Float leaves both hands free to raise, lower, or shift the load with virtually no resistance. No more “hoist control" hit-and-miss spotting.

Simple adjustment – Clear access to air-flow calibration controls allows quick, easy adjustment of the float.

Low air consumption – Approximately 1/8 cfm required per cycle (50 times less than an air hoist), means very low energy costs.

Clean, oil-free operation – Pre-lubricated design – Eliminates air line lubrication and oil mist exhaust. It’s ideal for food processing and clean manufacturing environments.

Rugged reliability – for continuous duty with minimal maintenance, the Balance Air delivers cost effective performance.

Safety is Standard

Built-in overload protection – The load being lifted can never exceed the unit’s maximum rated capacity for a given air pressure. Maximum capacity is rated at 100 psig and actual capacity is linearly proportional to actual pressure. For example, at 70 psig the unit can only lift up to 70% of its maximum capacity.

Minimal cable recoil due to loss of load – If the load is accidentally lost, a spring-loaded centrifugal brake (Z brake) automatically stops rapid upward cable travel.

Versatile configuration

Wide range of capacities – Balancers are rated from 50 to 2,000 pounds (22 to 909 kg) maximum, with lower capacity units adjustable for loads as low as 2 pounds (.9 kg). Tandem units handle larger loads.

Added protection – The optional Z Stop offers protection against the drifting of loads in the event the main air supply is lost. 

Cable travel – The range of up/down movement varies from 40 to 120 inches, (1016 to 3048 mm) depending on the model.

Controls – ZA (pendant) controls let you handle varying loads; a BA (single) balance control is ideal for a constant load, and an EA for 2 loads.

Mounting – Suspension kits for Zimmerman and other enclosed track manufacturers as well as I-Beam, patented track, and hook mount.

CE Certification – Meets the requirements for the European Community.


Control and Suspension Options

(BA) Single Balance Control: A Balancer equipped with the (BA) Single Balance control is an excellent alternative to traditional spring balancers.The balance range of a single capacity Balancer is equivalent to that of 10 different capacity spring balancers with the main difference being that the Balancer maintains constant tension throughout its full range of travel.

Suitable for:

  • Tool Balancing
  • Weld Gun Suspension
  • Fixture Suspension


(ZA) Pendent Control: The (ZA) Pendent Control is designed for high speed precision handling of variable weight loads. Up/Down movement is accomplished through the use of an ergonomically designed pendent with low-effort, color-coded thumb levers. After positioning the load with the pendent control, the unit defaults into a zero gravity float condition allowing the operator up to 18 inches (457.2 mm) of float for final positioning.

(EA) Hi, Lo, Un Load Control: Balancers equipped with the (EA) control are designed to excel in high speed, constant weight, repetitive parts handling operations. The control positions are thumb actuated and are used to switch the unit to accommodate different load modes as required.


These are as follows:

HILOAD: Used to pick up or balance the maximum weight load.
LOLOAD: Used to balance, lower, and precisely position the load.
UNLOAD: Used to release and balance the empty hook.

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