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Material Handling Equipment

Full Service Material Handling

 AID EQUIPMENT is a full service material handling company that can provide most handling solutions. Our product line includes every aspect from work benches to storage cabinets for use in a manufacturing or distribution facility, we are experts in process and material flow. 

Benches and Ergonomics, When it comes to work benches or work stations AID Equipment is a leader in supplying business with the work areas needed to get the job done. Work benches create a stable work surface at the right height for the worker to perform their task in a safe ergonomic environment. 

Carts and Dollies, Being able to move your product around your facility is crucial, and having it done in a safe manner is paramount. AID Equipment can provide you with all of your material movement needs.

Containers, AID Equipment can help you safely store your products inside or out, from flammable to the routine. Let us help you make the most of your storage needs.

Dock Equipment, The right piece of dock equipment is key to receiving your raw or finished goods. AID Equipment has many different types of dock equipment available for your needs. 

Fencing and Guarding, Keeping items in a controlled space can be a daunting challenge, however, AID Equipment knows this challenge and how to best serve your needs. From something as simple as a retractable bollard to more complicated fencing and lock outs, we can design a system that works for you.

Hoists & Cranes, Lifting heavy objects can be a chore, even for a team lift. Let AID Equipment outfit your facility with the latest in lifting and lift assist technology to help maintain employee safety and productivity.

Racking and Shelving, Utilizing space is the most effective way to get the most out of your facilities square footage. AID Equipment has been a shelving dealer for many years and has the expertise to know what will work best for your needs, from simple small office maintenance room shelving to large sets of pallet racking, we can supply your needs.

Storage Cabinets, Containing, locking up, or organizing your facility is maintaining a safe work environment for customers and employees alike. Let an AID Equipment Sale Representative show you the many possibilities that we have access to for your needs.

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