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Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomics in the work place is key to having an effective and productive staff. AID Equipment has the solutions to solve this problem. We can identify areas of need and offer up corrective solutions that will make for a safer and productive environment.

Air Hoist Balancersby Ingersoll Rand allow users to not only lift the load but also “float"; the load, allowing for precise manual movement and placement without the “jogging"; required with traditional hoists.

Tool Balancers, Ingersoll Rand Tool Balancers come in a variety of work load sizes from light duty to super duty, AID Equipment can help you select the appropriate size for your needs. 

Work Stations, Work stations are a key place for organization and production to start. Having a workstation that offers flow for the operator, production will be at its best. AID Equipment can build you a custom work station to help you facilitate the flow of your production.

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