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About Us

AID EQUIPMENT is dedicated to providing complete mechanical and electrical engineering and automation solutions, along with the right handling products, software, and services to our clients. Our customers include some of the world’s largest and most respected companies in the industrial, manufacturing and construction industries, retailers, and leaders in the e-business sector.

Our dedicated team of engineers, designers, field service technicians and diverse professionals are experts in their fields, and draw on the global support and expertise of over 400,000 professionals at our-affiliated companies worldwide.

Backed by annual research & development expenditures, the professionals at AID EQUIPMENT are uniquely positioned to help your organization accomplish its goals faster, smarter and cheaper than you ever imagined possible.

Our leadership team understands your business, and can identify the right combination of products, services and total life-cycle solutions for your plant, facility or operation. Want to know more? Click on any of the links on our Home page, to learn what we can do for your business.


AID EQUIPMENT began in 1978. Founded on the idea that all companies must continually upgrade in order to compete in the ever-increasing global economy, AID EQUIPMENT started providing conveyor and other material handling products to industry. Mr. Harris' continued dedication to customer satisfaction, and to maintaining the highest quality service in the industry, allowed AID EQUIPMENT to grow and expand. Today, AID EQUIPMENT has grown beyond its material handling roots to include a logistics and transportation division in A-1 Freight Systems and A-1 Transportation, and a financial consulting division that helps individuals start businesses of their own in CST Financial.

    The founder's methodology remains in place today:
    1. Listen to your customer's needs and wants.
    2. Keep the scope of the project well defined.
    3. Always remain on the leading edge of technology.



AID EQUIPMENT's business philosophy is based upon executing good business practices and doing it better than the competition. In general, our vision is to be one of the world leaders in process improvements. We want to provide premier life-cycle products that can grow with your company, solutions that make your company more competitive, and services for our customers that distinguish us above the competition. The mission and values define how we will achieve this vision and how we will act as we move forward.

AID EQUIPMENT’s Corporate Principles and three guiding principles are rooted in an emphasis on customers, innovation, financial objectives, leadership, people, and teamwork. These values are important to AID EQUIPMENT employees and our customers; therefore; through our Management Values, we define more fully what these concepts mean so we all know what it will take to achieve our vision.

Vision of the future

AID Equipment will continue to be an industry leader in automated material handling solutions, with premier life-cycle products, solutions, and services for our customers.

Company Mission

AID Equipment will create value by continuously improving our work processes and those of our customers. Our customer's success will drive our success. Speed and e-Business are our competitive advantage.

Company Values

Customers govern our actions.

Innovation is the key to success.

Financial Objectives will be met.

Leadership fosters top performance.

People are valued and encouraged to learn and grow within the organization.

Teamwork and trust is important throughout all organizations.

Corporate Citizenship and Integrity are essential to success.

AID EQUIPMENT Management Values



Our first priority is to provide excellent service to our customers.


We regard change as a rule, not an exception, and drive it by encouraging creativity and new ideas within our organization.

Financial Objectives

We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals and meet financial and other business commitments. We benchmark our competitors and leading companies to ensure we are the best in class.


We create clear, simple, realistic, customer-focused visions and communicate them. We demonstrate enormous energy and the ability to energize others.


We help our employees improve their skills and encourage them to take risks. We treat them fairly, empower them, recognize their accomplishments and motivate them to be committed to their work.


We build trust and worldwide teamwork with open and candid communication. We focus on high quality practices and team with our global colleagues, suppliers and customers to achieve them.

Corporate Citizenship

We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct and integrity and are socially responsible. We adhere to all regulations and guidelines, create safe products, protect the environment and value diversity.


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