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Tool Balancers

Tool Balancer

Used in many industries from automotive to industrial factories, tool balancers suspend tools from a cable or chain to help keep work areas clutter free and the tools suspended at the right height for the worker to easily grab.

Tool balancers offer protection and money savings by keeping the tool up off of the work surface and avoids the tool accidentally falling and hitting the ground that could cause damage to the tool and or injury to the worker.

Tool balancers are available in many different set ups from light duty to heavy duty, all with one goal in mind, keeping the tools in their place.

Light duty tool balancers are great for those tools that weigh less than five pounds. Not only will this help keep these smaller tools organized, but it does not impede the users ability to manipulate the tool as needed.

Medium and heavy duty tool balancers are made for tools weighing over five pounds and protects the user from repeated lifting and straining and prevents injury. These larger balancers have additional safety features that help prevent sudden falls, and some will offer a zero weight experience so the user feels no strain at all.

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