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Water Jet Abrasive Sand Removal System

Abrasive Filtration System

Abrasive Removal System

We all know the benefits of waterjet cutting, and why it is such a popular fabrication process. However, one of the main disadvantages of this process is collection and removing of used abrasive in your collection tank.
Most common and inefficient way to clear the collection tank is:

1. Stop manufacturing process
2. Shut down waterjet machine
3. Drain the tank
4. Remove the slats
5. Spend hours and hours digging couple thousand lbs of used abrasive, while workers risking to be injured.

Process like this can cost up to $4,000 per single tank cleaning.

Abrasive Filtration System

Dump HooperOur ABRASIVE FILTRATION SYSTEM is a great and cost-effective solution to significantly reduce the amount of shoveling and associated downtime required to empty your tank.
AFS removes abrasive material from the tank by pumping out and depositing used abrasive into a storage hopper. There is no need to shut down, drain the tank, or remove the slats from the table.

Let your AFS handle the job for you while your waterjet cutting machine is operating. Protect the safety of your employees, and easily maintain a clean work environment.

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