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Enclosed Track Overhead Gravity

Overhead Conveyors

have been designed to offer the best product, for many applications. All of our Bridgeveyor components are modular in design, allowing for bolted connection of track and installation hardware; this greatly decreases the labor required for installation and future modifications. With a rated capacity of up to 1,000 lbs./ft., individual loads ranging from ounces to 2,000 lbs. may be conveyed with ease. Please contact AID EQUIPMENT at (801) 566-2112  for greater detail about our products, or regarding a specific application.

T-250 Straight Track: (weight 2.4lbs per ft.)

  • Standard track finish - zinc plated (painted available). Also available in stainless steel.
  • Enclosed track design is clean, safe and quiet.
  • Flanged bolt-together construction decreases installation costs.

C-250 Conveyor Chain: (weight 1.5lbs per ft.)

  • Component parts are heat treated and zinc plated.
  • Machined ball bearings increase load capacity.
  • Two vertical bearings increase load capacity.
  • Operates in ovens up to 650°.


Item # Part # Description
1 T-250 Straight Track - 10' Lengths Only
2 C-250 Conveyor Chain - 10' Lengths Only
3 TF-204 Track Flange
4 HL-250 Horizontal Link
5 VL-250 Vertical Link
6 PJ-009 Chain Joining Rivet and Cotter Pin


 Horizontal & Vertical Curves

Curves Horizontal Curves:


  • All horizontal curves are available in stock sizes of 15°, 30°, 45° and 90° with 9", 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36" center
  • line radius.
  • Special radius curves are available
  • Curves are heat treated for wear resistance.
  • Corner wheels when required are available in 6" radius 180º.

Vertical Curves:


  • All vertical curves are available in stock sizes of 15°, 30°, 45° and 90° with an 18" or 24" center line radius.
  • Curves are hardened for wear resistance.
  • Shorter distances required for elevation changes.

In-Line Drive Unit: D-500


  • In-line Drive requires only 3/4 h.p. motor.
  • Available in fixed or variable speed.
  • Chain pull capacity = 600lbs.
  • Speed range 0-80 f.p.m.
  • Multiple drives are used for long systems.
  • Height approx. 14".
  • Chain guard extra.

    Item # Part # Description
    1 - Gear Reducer
    2 - Electric Motor
    3 - #60 Roller Chain
    4 CC-500 Drive Chain Assembly
    5 DD-500 Drive Dog Assembly, QTY=9
    6 PB-505 Pillow Block Bearing, QTY=4
    7 TI-265 Track Inspection Section, TI-267 Cover
    8 TI-265 Track Inspection Section, TI-268 Cover
    9 C-250 Conveyor Chain - 10' Lengths Only
    10 DC-600 Drive Plate Clevis, QTY=4
    11 DH-500 Chain Hold Down Plate, QTY=2

    Conveyor Take-Up Assembly


    Available in Spring or Pneumatic Design.

    Special width take-ups also available.


    L-275 Drip Oiler
    L-375 Electro-Solinoid Oiler
    L-575 Shot Lubricator


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