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Intralox Conveyor Belting


Intralox is known for their innovative conveyor belt solutions that are used in various industries for material handling and conveying applications.

Intralox belts are available in hundreds of thousands of configurations and can be found anywhere products are processed, manufactured, or moved.

Modular construction, combined with lighter weight materials and expert engineering, ensures Intralox belts:

1. Are easier to install, repair, clean, and maintain
2. Increase your throughput while minimizing downtime
3. Provide longer belt life—up to three times as long in some applications

    Intralox ThermoDrive® technology offers the same reliability as modular plastic belting, with the added hygiene benefits of a solid thermoplastic structure. Lightweight and easy to install, the ThermoDrive belting system eliminates the tensioning, tracking, and cleanability issues that often arise with traditional flat or tensioned positive drive belts.

    ThermoDrive technology’s patented tensionless system combines belts and components to help food processors:

    1. Overcome complicated, time-consuming cleaning and sanitation processes
    2. Eliminate belt issues caused by tensioning (e.g., mistracking, elongation, wavy edges)
    3. Avoid hygienic risks posed by fabric belts or exposed fabric or yarn reinforcements

    Intralox has a global presence, serving customers in more than 100 countries.

    The company is known for its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. They invest in research and development to bring new technologies and solutions to the market.

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