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  • Uni QNB-Ball Plastic Modular Belting
  • Uni QNB-Ball Plastic Modular Belting

Uni QNB-Ball Plastic Modular Belting


Built to run stronger, longer and cleaner.

Ammeraal Beltech’s one-inch pitch uni QNB Ball Belt, featuring industry-proven uni QNB links and a superior design approach that delivers a stronger and more efficient belting solution, was created in direct response to customer demand for better performance and longer service life in multidirectional conveyance. 

The Ammeraal Beltech uni QNB ball belt is designed for robust duty, because the sockets for the roller balls are built directly into the links instead of being part of individual snap-in connections. This integrated design means that the belt is sturdier. In fact, the tensile strength of the belt is nearly two and a half times that of competing belts. The closed top construction makes it harder for dirt or other contaminants to hinder the movement of the balls so the belt stays cleaner.

Uni QNB Ball Belt Video

The balls in the uni QNB Ball belt can be directionally controlled by one or more separate auxiliairy synthetic belts running under the uni QNB Ball, achieving all the desired arrays of movement. The uni QNB Ball belt has 1.550 balls per square meter. Next to providing the belt with optimal flexibility of movement, this also means that there is little to no risk of product snagging.

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